Day of Wishes and Wonder

February 19, 2020

They call me insane and a freak...tell that to the monsters.

Strange and dark creatures have spun in my vision for as long as I can remember. How is it my fault the therapists can’t see them?

My biggest dream is to find a family and escape Leone’s Home for “Troubled Teens,” but people don’t want to adopt even the normal sixteen-year-olds. When my best friend lets on he’s part of the world that’s haunted me my whole life and says it’s time to return, I realize there’s more brewing than I could have imagined.

Alongside secrets and mysteries about my past, a fae prince appears, with a deadly promise. I want to resist, but his every touch brings back fractured memories of forbidden love and betrayal, which haunt me far more than the monsters ever did.

I know we’ve taken this path before…and it did not end well.

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Gold & Glacier

April 22, 2020

Three Souls. Two Stories. One Price.

A land of ice and fae rests beyond a kingdom shrouded by glass and iron. Aurea would do anything to live peacefully and safely in Dale with her best friend Daryl, but the horrors haunting her nights foretell a future where no one is safe. When stranger powers awaken within her, the price for her life is a simple lie about turning straw into gold. A simple lie that only the faerie king can make true.

Rumpelstiltskin has waited many years to hear Aurea promise that which she couldn’t keep. In exchange for her salvation, he requires her firstborn, a child woven with ancient magic who is capable of paying the price needed to save his people, the fae, from destruction. What he doesn’t expect is for the girl he manipulated to beat him at his own game.

Aurea’s happy ending is the start of Rumpel’s damnation, and if he can’t orchestrate from the shadows a way to retrieve his stolen princess, all he’s worked centuries for will be lost.

A Rumpelstiltskin Retelling with a twist. View the true story from the eyes of both the hero and the villain.

First published within the Dual-anthology Kingdom of Darkness and Light (Kingdom of Crowns and Glory and Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance).


Beyond the Veil

Lurking in the Woods

September 19, 2018

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After inheriting her grandmother’s mountain-top cabin, Bryn Kolt discovers more than thrilling photographic opportunities in the surrounding nature. An entire world guarded by the seductive wolf shifter Rhyeos lies tucked away in the woods just past her backyard. When he leads her through the veil into Silvan, a portion of Beyond, she anticipates magic and adventure, not a life-threatening crisis.

In the time just before Bryn appeared, the balance of Silvan tipped toward darkness, facilitated by a mysterious Beast who lurks on the edges of the blemishes sprouting across the land. Rhyeos says she is destined to return order and defeat the Beast, but no one is willing to tell her how.

Danger and desire emerge at every turn in this whirlwind experience of a lifetime as Bryn uncovers who she can trust, who she dares love, and where—just maybe—she belongs.

Waiting in the Water

November 20, 2019


Dreading taking over her family's company after her sister graduates, Asaria Layre drifts and dreams of a better life. One where she's in control—unafraid. Though it's easier thought than said. When she's dragged into the ocean and cursed by a creature from another world, she wonders if the development may just be the escape she's been searching for, the escape she needs to build her courage and swim down her own path. After all, isn't being a mermaid everything she's always wanted?

Ocea's King never meant for this to happen; he certainly never meant to endanger the mate he was trying so desperately to find. Now he must make things right, break her curse, save his kingdom, and find himself worthy of her love, or face death. The task before Asaria and Yuval is long, and time is running out.

Magic and wonder flow through every page of this enchanting journey of a lifetime as Asaria discovers who the true villains are, what the real magic is, and—just maybe—where the best power lies.

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Mistress of Myre

August 1, 2019

Fayre never imagined imprisonment would be the first step to freedom.

Stolen away from her family and sold to a mysterious creature in an enchanted wood, Fayre plots her escape--not only from the magical stranger, but also from her old life. She didn’t plan to fall in love. Or discover a hidden power within herself.

There are worse things than losing your heart to a heartless beast; becoming wrapped up in a battle between a powerful fae and an ancient wizard may just be one. Tasked with breaking curses, starting them, and pushing forward a mythical agenda, Fayre must learn to navigate this new world or lose everything.

Thus begins the Age of Myths.

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Age of Myths